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SNAPPy’s code can be found here

What is SNAPPy

SNAPPy is a Snakemake pipeline for HIV-1 subtyping by phylogenetic pairing. It was build to allow locaal high-throughput HIV-1 subtyping while being resource efficient and scalable. This pipeline was constructed using Snakemake , and it uses MAFFT for multiple sequence alignments, BLAST for similarirty queries, IQ-TREE for phylogenetic inference, and several Biopython modules and the ETE toolkit for data parsing an analysis. For in-depth information on how the tool works please visit the How it works section. SNAPPy can be used in Linux based distributions (tested on Ubuntu 16 and 18), macOS 10 (tested of Mojave 10.14), and Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18 bash).

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